Twenty one reasons to love Liguria

Twenty one reasons to buy a property in Liguria and fall in love with it!

1. Swimming at the Laghetti of Pigna, or Badalucco, or Rochetta Nervina, these natural granite lakes in the mountain streams are the best way to cool off in summer.

2. The beautiful beaches passed Latte towards the frontier at Balzi Rossi. These tiny rock coves with aquamarine water resembling the Caribbean are to be found directly below the famous Hanbury Gardens. Complete privacy and tranquility, a fantastic place to collect fossils.

3. The home made ice cream, with a hundred different flavors, my favorite is the Gelateria Matuzia in the Foce zone of Sanremo.

4. The mountain walk that takes you to Liguria's longest waterfall above Imperia the Arroscia Waterfalls, Mendatica (Imperia). The best way to see Liguria's nature, this walk is nearly unknown and you can count on being entirely alone in the woods all the way to the waterfall.

5. The mountain village of Triora, the most antique and characteristic village of the Valle Argentina. Famous for its Whitch Trials, the memory of which has been kept alive in the Museum of Triora. The witches were accused of infanticide, souring the milk of cows and making poisons of cats brains and human blood, above on the hill it is written in stone "here the witches danced with the devil". The village is suggestive and romantic, the best place to conjure up the Medieval, it has been used as the backdrop for many films.

6. The underground walk through the Caves of Toirano amongst the stalactites and stalagmites, there are still trace of the footprints of paleolithic man and here the wild mountain bears, walked for miles by the streams to find the caves to hibernate for the winter.

7. Shopping in the medieval centre of Alassio, the so called "budello" or intestine from Borgo Coscio to the end of the Passeggiata Ciccione, the Medieval village opens to a pure golden sand beaches which is lined with pretty restaurants and bars. The shopping is fantastic.

8. The mountain drive above Molini di Triora, from the Ponte di Loretta, where there used to be bungee jumping to Realdo, some of the most spectacular mountain scenery is here, this is also the best place to find butterflies, in summer different species literally fly around your head. The village of Realdo is one of those pictured on the home page.

9. The pesto genovese, exquisite mix of fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic and finest olive oil Taggiasco from our Liguria. The pasta al pesto is also exquisite with fresh tomato, courgettes or in the local way with green beans and potatoes.

10. The Flower festival at Sanremo in January, with carts decorated with flowers which pass through the streets of Sanremo. This is of course the Riviera die Fiori and our flowers are famous in all the world.

11. The cross country skiing in winter, through the pine woods at Colle Langan, complete peace and solitude in these beautiful woods above the Reservoir which is solid ice in winter. The sea even though you are about 20 km up is still visible from here.

12. The hot Zabaglione with doughnuts especially at the restaurant called the Capanna dei Baci in the Artist village of Apricale.

13. A visit to the museums of The Via Garibaldi, Genova, Europe's longest remaining Renaissance street, it is inscribed in the list of Unesco world heritage sites.

14. In August, the Firework festival at Dolceacqua, Dolceacqua is already one of Liguria's most famous medieval villages, but this festival is really spectacular, the fireworks fly over the river and ignite over the splendid castle Doria, which is floodlit in different colors as is the river and the famous bridge.

15. Sunday lunch, the traditional 8 antipasti, 3 different pasta. 3 main courses and pudding. Everybody has their own favorite, but mine is the the splendid Da Noi Due at Torria, or the romantic Anima Golosa at Ripalta, Dolcedo, right on the river you can eat out in summer.

16. The best skiing at Limone, just an hour's drive from Ventimiglia. Some of the only south facing slopes in Italy, great for a suntan.

17. The classic Cinque Terra walk, all uphill and down, or 4 days of torture or the most sublime way to visit and see Liguria.

18. This is for romantics, a dinner for two on the beach at the Baie Benjamin, watching the sun set over the Cape Mortola and overlooking the French Riviera, Menton, Cap Martin and La Tête de Chien of Montecarlo and eating stunning Italian food. You will never forget it.

19. A voyage by boat to sea the Cinque Terre, either from Genova, the boat stops at all the main villages or you leave from any of the 5 villages.

20. A visit in May to the famous Hanbury Gardens, may is known as the month of flowers and this is is to see the colors and fragrances of this exotic park, when it is at it's best.

21. A summer concert under the stars in the ruined church on top of the hill at Bussana Vecchia. This village was left in ruins and reconstructed in the 1960's by a commune of artists, it is now all artist galleries, bars and small restaurants. In summer there are very often improvised concerts on the streets. This is a very good place to watch the fireflies.

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