Ventimiglia Villa

Close to the French border and giving the best of both worlds, a villa in Ventimiglia offers the possibility for those who love theatre, culture, exhibitions and nightlife to be in Montecarlo in 15 minutes, to be at Nice Airport with its wealth of quick flights in 35 minutes and to be shopping in Nice in half an hour. All of this with all the benefits of Italian life, fine weather and fantastic food.

A villa in Ventimiglia is also wonderful for those who like skiing, the ski resort used by all Ligurians is most often Limone Piemonte, the road leaves from Ventimiglia and has been made with many tunnels through the mountains so it is quick to reach, about 45 minutes drive from Ventimiglia. From this very traditional resort, the skiing is wonderful, with the only south facing slopes in Italy, great for a suntan.

The choice of a villa in Ventimiglia can be made for very different motives, the splendour of the beaches, the fantastic blue of the water or because the climate is particularly favourable in this zone.

The English Lord, Lord Hanbury searched all of Europe to find the ideal place to put his collection of tropical plants, he finally chose to build his Villa in Ventimiglia at La Mortola Inferiore.
The Hanbury Gardens are a sort of Kew Gardens for tropical plant specimens. The reason behind his choice were that this part of the Riviera with its high mountains directly behind, protects from wind and cold, the natural vegetation of the area is semi tropical and the climate always mild, never too hot in summer and never cold in winter.

thumbnail Luxury villa for sale in La Mortola, Ventimiglia 220 m²
1.650.000,00 €
thumbnail Liberty villa with swimming pool for sale in Ventimiglia 350 m²
1.800.000,00 €
thumbnail Modern villa with very nice view of the sea and garden for sale in Ventimiglia 1.150.000,00 €
thumbnail Villa for sale in Latte, Le Ville 200 m²
1.100.000,00 €
thumbnail Castle of the Seabirds for sale in Latte, Ventimiglia 200 m²
1.400.000,00 €
thumbnail Half finish structure for sale in Latte with superb sea view 200 m²
2.000.000,00 €
thumbnail Design villa in a super panoramic position over the Mediterranean for sale in Ventimiglia 250 m²
600.000,00 €
thumbnail Villa with breathtaking view for sale between Latte and Ventimiglia with 5,000sqm of land all around 223 m²
2.100.000,00 €
thumbnail Beautiful villa with garden and sea view for sale in La Mortola, Ventimiglia 160 m²
480.000,00 €