Sanremo Villa

Are you looking for a villa in Sanremo?

Our accurate selection process, offers you many different villas which are different one from the other by style and period, we have splendid modern villas and also characteristic historical villas of great originality.

Navigating on our site, you find villas in Sanremo, that are totally finished or some half finished structures, to finish as you wish, which can be the ideal choice for someone who is looking for a villa in Sanremo. Many of our clients choose this option, so that the villa can be finished exactly as the client requires.

Once you choose the position and the size of the villa in Sanremo that you want to buy you can choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms which be perfect for you.

Compile our request module on the site and we will be happy to help find the Sanremo villa of your dreams.

thumbnail Panoramic villa for sale in Sanremo 230 m²
1.250.000,00 €
thumbnail Town house for sale in Sanremo 214 m²
800.000,00 €
thumbnail Modern town house for sale in Sanremo 324 m²
1.300.000,00 €
thumbnail Newly built villa with large garden and sea view for sale in San Remo 370 m²
2.300.000,00 €
thumbnail Country villa for sale in Sanremo with large land plot and stunning sea views 250 m²
650.000,00 €
thumbnail Half finished structure placed 150 meters from the sea for sale in Sanremo 220 m²
550.000,00 €
thumbnail Stupendous country house overlooking the sea near Bussana 100 m²
370.000,00 €
thumbnail Splendid luxury villa for sale in Sanremo 400 m²
5.900.000,00 €
thumbnail Country villa for sale in Sanremo with fabulous sea view 450 m²
1.400.000,00 €
thumbnail Country villa with stunning panorama for sale in Sanremo 180 m²
830.000,00 €
thumbnail Country house to finish for sale in a super panoramic position in Bussana, Sanremo 220 m²
330.000,00 €