Liguria Property

There are many reason to buy property in Liguria. The first has to be the fantastic Ligurian climate, here the mountains rise out from the sea, making a barrier against the rain clouds which are contained by the mountains and so this small costal microclimate zone is contained on the coast. The sun always shines in Liguria, if you buy a property in Liguria you will never want to leave, its all to easy to become happily used to waking up with the sunshine. Liguria is well known among Italians as having the best climate in all Italy. This is because it never gets to hot, summer temperatures never get much more than 30°, and never too cold in winter, as a zone it is known as that of "the eternal spring". There is also a quality of the strong light, which has attracted painters and writers for centuries.

Buying a property in Liguria, has also to do with its strategic position, easy to access, with cheap quick flights to neighbouring Nice Airport. Only 2 hours to London,3 hours 20 minutes, Nice to Moscow and Nice to Dubai, flight time 6 hours. After this it's only half an hours drive over the border into Liguria. We are ofcourse just across the border from Monte Carlo, where there are always fine cultural and musical events Milan is 3 hours drive and Turin two hours and a half drive.

Liguria is particularly recommended for people who are looking for somewhere a little different from the classic holiday home destination. Liguria remains very much a lost paradise, once away from the coast the countryside is entirely not built up and not spoilt by invasion of foreign tourists. Learning Italian whist a challenge, is very much a necessity if you buy a property in Liguria. The Ligurians very charmingly love to practise their few words of English, but to have a real conversation is impossible without Italian. The hillsides and mountain valleys of Ligura have some of the most fabulous wild scenery in Italy, medieval villages perch on the creast of mountain peaks and below you can swim in the natural rock pools created in the granite of the streams. Here many coloured wild butterflies fly from flower to flower. You can pick wild strawberries, tiny and sweet or hunt for the famous porcini mushrooms.

thumbnail Apartment for sale in Sanremo with wonderful sea view 140 m²
1.150.000,00 €
thumbnail Panoramic pent house for sale in Sanremo, directly on the sea 220 m²
3.200.000,00 €
thumbnail Panoramic villa for sale in Sanremo 230 m²
1.250.000,00 €
thumbnail Town house for sale in Sanremo 214 m²
800.000,00 €
thumbnail Modern town house for sale in Sanremo 324 m²
1.300.000,00 €
thumbnail Two country villas with sea view, swimming pool and large land plot fo sale in Sanremo 205 m²
750.000,00 €
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395.000,00 €
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320.000,00 €
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2.300.000,00 €
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883.250,00 €
thumbnail Lovely country villa on one floor with beautiful sea view for sale in Poggio, Sanremo 100 m²
400.000,00 €
thumbnail Pretty villa located in the center of Sanremo, with nice garden, two steps away from the sea 110 m²
380.000,00 €
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600.000,00 €
thumbnail Pretty and spacious appartment with sea views and garden 100 m²
340.000,00 €
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580.000,00 €
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980.000,00 €
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650.000,00 €